The Bila-Shaka (6-Pack) coalition is a Coalition of 6 Male Lion who live in the Masai Mara in Kenya. The six males were sired by the legendary male lions Lolparpit and Olbarnoti. The 6 males were born in 2014 in the Moniko Pride.

The coalition consists of male lions Baba Yao, Doa, Chongo, Kiok, Kibogoyo and Koshoke.

In 2019 Baba Yao was involved in fight with the 3 Males from the Salas Coalition. Baba Yao fled from the fight injured and has not been seen since.

As of March 2020 Doa has separated from the rest of the coalition to remain with the Topi Pride.

Chongo, Koshoke, Kibogoyo and Kiok remain together as of March 2020.

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