Mafui was one of the former ruling males of Pride B at Longleat Safari Park. Born sometime in the 1990s, he ruled over a pride with several females including Amy. He sired several of the current pride members, including Yendi and Luna, as well as siring three sons, Kenya, Lucani and Kumali.

When Kenya and Lucani matured in 2003, they were moved to Knowsley Safari Park to prevent them conflicting with their father, and Mafui retained control of the pride. Kumali was the last of his offspring to be born later that year. He also sired two cubs with Zazzi during this time. When Kumali and Zazzi were relocated to Flamingo Land, Mafui was left in control of five lionesses. To prevent inbreeding with his daughters, Kabir the Babary Lion was introduced to start a new pride, leaving Mafui with Amy and some of the older females.

After Kabir's takeover, Mafui and the old pride soon retreated from view and it is almost certain that he died sometime around 2005.

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